MINDDS 2 workshop: Leuven, February 4th-7th 2019

Organisers: Ann Swillen, Joris Vermeersch, Hale Yapici Eser, Adrian J Harwood

MINDDS 2 is a workshop offered by the MINDDS COST Action to focus on research for patients, who have Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD) arising from possession of pathogenic Copy Number Variants (CNV) of high genetic penetrance.  MINDDS COST Action (Maximising Impact of research in NeuroDevelopmetal DisorderS) is a pan-European network of basic researchers, clinical scientists and patient groups who aim to promote research collaboration and knowledge exchange for the understanding of NDD in patients with CNV, and its application to NDD in the general population.

NDD together affect 4% (1 in 25) individuals within the population and include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental delay (DD) and intellectual disability (ID) in children, and schizophrenia, arising in adolescence. There is a major need to understand the biological origins of NDD, as this will inform improved risk management, diagnosis and therapy. There is a substantial genetic component to risk of NDD, but for most people the genetics is complex.

This MINDDS 2 workshop focuses on rare patients who due to possession of a CNV have severe symptoms and a strong concordance between the genetic lesion and clinical phenotype. The 4-day workshop will comprise plenary lectures, short talks and breakout and network sessions spanning from all subject areas within MINDDS: patient cohorts; clinical phenotyping; stem cells and emerging technologies; informatics and data science; and integration and convergence with other areas of neuroscience and mental health research.

This Workshop is open to MINDDS members and new participants

Date: 4th-7th February 2019
Location: KU Leuven
Registration: Free, a charge for catering (in cash) will be payable to be paid at the meeting registration desk, at the beginning of the meeting (Monday afternoon). This Workshop is open to MINDDS members and new participants.
Workshop capacity: 100 participants (maximum).
Registration deadline: January 15, 2019
Program: Available here

Hotel Accommodation
A list of local hotels are available here.
In Ibis Hotel Centrum rooms are still available until December 15 with reference ‘MINDDS 2 – 922 516’. Reservations should be made by e-mail: H1457-RE@accor.com, not by phone or website.

Support may be provided for a small number of PhD students and ECI to attend the meeting, selected based on demonstrable need (priority will be given to participation from ITC). To apply, please email a CV, estimated travel costs and a statement explaining why you would benefit from attending the meeting (<100 words). Applications must be sent to MINDDS@cardiff.ac.uk (subject: MINDDS2 Leuven) and received by January 2nd, 2019. Succesfull applicants will be notified shortly after this date.

For further information
Web: www.mindds.eu
Email:  MINDDS@cardiff.ac.uk (subject: MINDDS2 Leuven)