Israel (Canceled)

CONVERGENT MINDDS: Convergence Neuroscience for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD)
March 22-24th: Beer Sheva, Israel.

The MINDDS COST Action is organising a Workshop to discuss a Convergence Neuroscience approach the study of NDD.

The primary objectives of MINDDS are to bring together researchers, clinicians and patients organisations to facilitate research of NDD associated with pathogenic Copy Number Variants (CNVs), focussing on improved patient identification and assessment, standardisation of research protocols and methods of data sharing. However, the knowledge gained from this activity will only be effective if it can converge into a common understanding of the underlying biology of NDD and integrate with wider basic, preclinical and clinical neuroscience. This requires a multi-disciplinary research approach on NDD to create a research community driving towards a common conceptual framework of understanding.

The object of this Workshop is to bring together leaders and practitioners in all research field relevant to investigation of NDD to establish a roadmap for a Convergence Neuroscience of NDD. Presentations and discussions will address Genetic, Clinical Phenotype and Mechanistic studies, coupled with their implications from Precision Medicine and Patient needs. Participants will be expected to participate in the general discussion and Synergy sessions to create a roadmap for future studies.

If you wish to participate in the Workshop, particularly to either present relevant research or join the Task groups leading on delivery of the roadmap and subsequent position paper, please contact the organisers via by Friday 28th February