WG3: Emerging Technologies

New technologies, such as patient derived stem cells, direct cell reprogramming and genome-wide sequencing technologies offer huge potential for detailed patient studies. We will consider how best to utilize emerging technologies for patient to the clinical level for patient-based studies.


WG3 will review current state-of-the-art and establish a standard set of protocols for cell collection, iPSC reprogramming and neuronal cell differentiation.

We will draw up common cell-based assays, including SOPs, aimed to standardize and assess patient cell phenotyping between academic, clinical and commercial research sites.

Advances in technology, such as direct cell reprograming, genomic sequencing and the data sciences may all offer alternatives to the deep phenotyping strategies currently under development. We will maintain a watching brief of new technology and assays as they become available.

The mapping of ethical issues associated with the introduction of new technologies, especially patient-derived stem cells, in research and preclinical pharmacology, and the establishment of ethics guidance their use.