WG5: Integration and Convergence

To deliver its objectives MINDDS needs to integrate across all of the network’s activities and partners, and converge with wider basic, preclinical and clinical neuroscience research. By ensuring integration and convergence, the knowledge gained from studying rare CNVs may drive understanding for all neuropsychiatric disorders.


WG5 will ensure integration across different CNVs (genetics), clinical phenotypes and iPSC analysis to draw general conclusions and predictive models extending across genomic, cell and patient data.

We will review relevant knowledge and experimental data from post-genomic (epigenomic, transcriptomic and cellomic techniques), non-human cell models and animal systems. This will advise on how best to seek convergence between these different models. Establishing equivalent assays for both patient and model systems will better inform design of preclinical testing in basic research and drug discovery.

WG5 will direct our communication strategy to ensure effective knowledge exchange between all of MINDDS participants, partners and stakeholders